Keio Short-Term Japanese Studies Program (KJSP)


The Keio Short-Term Japanese Studies Program (KJSP)

The Keio Short-Term Japanese Studies Program (KJSP) is a two-week intensive program for students who wish to study in Japan. The program offers a variety of courses related to Japanese politics, economy, business, arts, and traditional and modern culture in addition to on-site activities where students can see and experience the things they learned in the classroom only hours before.

Participants will gain knowledge not only from the lectures by experienced faculty members and through a range of activities, but also through exchanges with current Japanese Keio University students who will also join the program.

Moreover, students have a chance to learn survival Japanese targeted toward first-time Japanese learners. Providing students with short but intensive learning opportunities about Japan, this program is best suited for undergraduate or graduate-level students who are first-time students in Japan. We invite you to experience this exciting educational opportunity at Keio University this spring.

The February 2017 Keio Short-term Japanese Studies Program (KJSP) (click here)

About Keio University

Keio University is the oldest private higher learning institution in Japan. The school was founded by Yukichi Fukuzawa in 1858 in Tokyo, and has been the leading university since then. Keio maintains the finest faculty with top-notch teaching and research skills, and has produced many prominent figures in Japanese society.