Professional Career Programme(PCP) courses 2018

PCP Course List  2018-2019

Basic Information

  • The Professional Career Programme (PCP) courses are offered by the Faculty and the Graduate School of Economics.

  • PCP’s objective is to turn out competent, open-minded individuals who can become global leaders that ‘design the future’. Graduates of PCP are expected to build their career as professionals with a global outlook.

Open to

  • Short-term International Students (including Keio International Program students)
  • Japanese Language Program students
* Full-time students enrolled in an undergraduate faculty or graduate school at Keio cannot take PCP courses through the International Center. 


- Introductory Microeconomics (undergraduate level)
- Introductory Macroeconomics (undergraduate level)
- Introductory Statistics (undergraduate level) or the equivalent.
*Official transcripts must be submitted at the time of application.

Academic writing course
In order to register for "Finance, Policy and the Global Economy" and/or "Independent Study”, you must have taken an academic writing course at your home university. If you have not, registering for "Academic Writing" by Prof. Miyuki Nakatsugawa at Keio University in the spring semester is required.
If your first semester at Keio is the fall semester and you have not taken an academic writing course at your home university, please consult the Office of Student Services (International Exchange Services Group).

PCP Certificate
A PCP Certificate is awarded to short-term international students and Japanese Language Program students who earn credits for 10 PCP classes. The 10 classes must include "Finance, Policy and the Global Economy" and "Independent Study".

If students can convince the Faculty of Economics that contents of the class they took at their home university is equivalent to the contents of a PCP class, PCP will count the credit for such a class towards the PCP certificate. For details on accreditation, please visit

Credits 2 credits per course
KIP Students & Short-term International Students
Students should register for the courses at the office of their affiliated faculty, graduate school, or center besides the submission of the Application Form. Please register for the courses in time to meet the deadline. 

JLP Students
Students who submitted the Application Form do not need to register for the courses at the office. 
*Please submit your latest official transcript to the Office of Student Services (International Exchange Services Group) during Course Registration Period to show that you have taken the prerequisite courses .

Course List 2018-2019
(2018 April- 2019 March / 2018 Spring semester - 2018/19 Fall Semester)

  • Course Descriptions will be AVAILABLE in March 2018.
  • The schedule of the intensive courses will be posted on the bulletin board later.
  • Undergraduate students can take PCP courses offered by the Graduate School of Business and Commerce.
Semester Day Period Course Title Instructor
Spring Thu 3 Academic Writing NAKATSUGAWA, Miyuki


Sat 2 Advanced Finance UEMATSU, Shunichiro



*1 Applied Finance WEISS, Gregor
Spring Tue 2 Energy Economics, Environment and Policy TAGHIZADEH HESARY, Farhad



*2 Financial Management and Corporate Governance

OKUBO, Toshihiro

WAGNER, Alexander F.



*3 Economics of Globalisation YAMASHITA, Nobuaki
Fall Wed 1 Environmental Economic Policy MCDONALD, Anne
Fall Tue 2 Environmental Economic Theory HOSODA, Eiji
Fall Sat 3 EU Competition Law ICHIKAWA, Yoshiharu
Fall Sat 4 Finance, Policy and the Global Economy

KAJI, Sahoko

KIMURA, Fukunari

FUKASAKU, Kiichiro

Fall Sat 5 Independent Study

KAJI, Sahoko

FUKASAKU, Kiichiro



Fall Thu 1 International Trade KATO, Hayato
FALL Mon 1 Introduction to Finance ARAI, Takuji
Fall Tue 3 Public Finance

KOOK, Joong-Ho

Class schedule
(1) April 7(Sat)  4-5 period 
(2) April 11(Wed)  4-5 period 
(3) April 12(Thu)  3-5 period 
(4) April 14(Sat)  4-5 period 
(5) April 18(Wed)  4-5 period 
(6) April 19(Thu)  3-5period.

Class schedule
(1) June 28(Thu)  4-6 period
(2) July 5(Thu)  4-6 period
(3) July 12(Thu)  4-6 period
(4) July 19(Thu)  4-6 period

Class schedule
November 28(Wed)  4-5 period
(2) December 5(Wed)  4-5 period
(3) December 12(Wed)  4-5 period
(4) December 19(Wed)  4-6 period
(5) January 9(Wed), 2019  4-6 period
(6) January 16(Wed),2019  4-6period

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