Global Passport Program (GPP) Courses 2018

GPP Course List  2018-2019
* Course Descriptions will be Available in March 2018.

Basic Information

  • The Global Passport Program (GPP) courses are offered by the Faculty and the Graduate School of Business and Commerce.

  • The GPP offers students the opportunity to enroll in courses with a high degree of specialized content. In particular, students can cross-register for introductory level courses in the graduate school. Such classes will focus upon the topics of management, accounting, commerce, economics, and industrialization. By enrolling in these courses, students will increase both their practical and theoretical knowledge base. The majority of coursework will be in the form of discussions and presentations in classes with limited size, thus providing a highly stimulating environment for the enrollees.

  • Passport Members’ Workshop D”
    The participants of "Passport Members’ Workshop D" will learn to integrate practical experience with theoretical knowledge. To accomplish this task, real world problems will serve as case studies with which students can develop these skills and investigate complex issues. All activities are led by outside experts in international business. In this way we hope to develop the students' skills in adaptation, communication, and leadership so that they can cope with diverse working environments.

Open to

  • Short-term International Students (including Keio International Program students)
  • Japanese Language Program students
* Full-time students enrolled in an undergraduate faculty or graduate school at Keio cannot take GPP courses through the International Center. 
  • Some courses may limit the number of students or require prior knowledge of statistics and/or economics. For more detailed information, please thoroughly read the course syllabus, make sure to attend the first class, and ask the instructor.

* Students who wish to take "Passport Members’ Workshop D" should meet in Room 465 at 14:45 on the first day of class (Spring: April 10, 2018 Fall: September 25, 2018) to see course availability.

  • 2 credits per course, except for "Passport Members’ Workshop D"
  • 4 credits for "Passport Members’ Workshop D"

KIP, JLP & Short-term International students
Students should register for GPP courses according to the registration procedure for regular courses.

Global Passport Program Course List 2018-2019
(2018 April- 2019 March / 2018 Spring semester - 2018/19 Fall Semester)


Semester Day Period Course Title Instructor



Tue 2 Consumer Psychology in Global Markets MORIYOSHI, Naoko 2
Spring Fri 4 Essentials of Regression Analysis Using R POTIRON, Yoann 2
Spring Wed 2 IFRS Basic GARCIA, Clemence 2
Spring Wed 1 International Accounting GARCIA, Clemence 2
Spring Thu 4 Japanese Capitalism and Entrepreneurship YONGUE, Julia S. 2
Spring Tue 4 Macroeconomic Aspects of Public Finance KITAMURA, Yukinobu 2
Spring Thu 1 Managerial Economics TSURU, Kotaro 2
Spring Wed 1 Marketing Data Analysis SHIRAI, Miyuri 2
Spring Mon 4 Organizational Analysis and Management Theory MITSUHASHI, Hitoshi 2
Spring Thu 3 Spatial Economics ONO, Yukako 2
Spring Wed 4 Stochastic Calculus: An Introduction With Application POTIRON, Yoann 2
Spring Tue 4&5 Passport Members' Workshop D MAGNIER-WATANABE, Remy 4
Spring Tue 4&5 Passport Members' Workshop D PALYS, Sven 4
Spring Tue 4&5 Passport Members' Workshop D HENG, Yee Kuang 4
Fall Thu 5 Advanced Academic Writing for Undergraduates HANLEY, Matthew M. 2
Fall Mon 2 Consumer Behavior and Marketing SHIRAI, Miyuri 2


Tue 2 Consumer Psychology in Global Markets MORIYOSHI, Naoko 2
Fall Tue 2 Corporate Governance in Major Countries FUKAO, Mitsuhiro 2
Fall Mon 4 Estimating Volatility in High-Frequency Data POTIRON, Yoann 2
Fall Wed 5 Globalization and Human Resources Management OLCOTT, George 2
Fall Tue 1&2 International Business and Japanese Firms NAKAMURA, Masao 2
Fall Wed 2 International Economy: Policy Implications of Globalization UEDA, Eimon 2
Fall Thu 2 International Finance HSU, Minchung 2
Fall Wed 2 Introduction to Management Strategy USHIJIMA, Tatsuo 2
Fall Tue 1 Macroeconomic Theory OTSU, Keisuke 2
Fall Thu 1 Macroeconomics DIAMOND, Jess 2
Fall Tue 4 Microeconomics of Taxation KITAMURA, Yukinobu 2
Fall Mon 2 Money and Banking PORAPAKKARM, Ponpoje 2
Fall Thu 3 Organizational Architecture TSURU, Kotaro 2
Fall Tue 2 Research on Marketing

TAKATA, Hidesuke
SHIRAI, Miyuri

Fall Tue 4&5 Passport Members' Workshop D SILBERMAN, Andrew W. 4
Fall Tue 4&5 Passport Members' Workshop D TAN, Caroline S. 4
Fall Tue 4&5 Passport Members' Workshop D POKARIER, Christopher J. 4

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