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Academic Calendar AY2017(April 2017 - March 2018)



(1) Courses other than language courses
Although there are some exceptions, in general, the number of credits that can be earned upon completion of a course is as below.
- A course which meets one period per week throughout a semester: 2 credits
- A course which meets two periods per week throughout a semester: 4 credits
- A course which meets two periods per week for a half-semester: 2 credits
- An intensive course which meets two periods per week for a half-semester: 4 credits

(2) Language courses
A course which meets one period per week throughout a semester is for 1 credit. A Japanese Studies on Society and Culture course is for 2 credits.


There is no conversion scale available between credits at Keio and ECTS.


The grades for a course are determined after students have attended the designated classes and taken the assessed examinations (semester-end examinations and/or assignments).
There are five basic grade levels: S, A, B, C, and D. Passing grades are S, A, B, and C, whereas D is a fail.

For the details of the grading at Keio, please refer to the following URL.


There are two kinds of transcripts for KIP students: a Grade Report and a Transcript of Academic Record. Grade Report and Transcript of Academic Record cannot be issued before the date below under any  circumstance.

(1) Grade Report
The Grade Report is a notification of student grades. It is not an official university transcript. All registered courses are listed in the Grade Report, including courses a student has failed or dropped. Please do not lose your Grade Report as it will not be reissued under any circumstances.

(2) Transcript of Academic Record
The Transcript of Academic Record is an official Keio University transcript. We do not usually give an official record of class attendance. It is up to instructors to choose whether they will check class attendance.

(3) Transcript Mailing Schedule for Fall Semester
1. The Grade Report will be mailed to students’ registered addresses after March 12, 2018. The Transcript of Academic Record will be mailed to students’ registered addresses after April 2, 2018.

2. We will mail a photocopy of the Grade Report and an original copy of the Transcript of Academic Record to the Exchange Program Coordinator of the student’s home university (exchange students only) by mid-April, 2018.

*It is possible to get extra copies of the Transcript of Academic Record. Students should submit a request form before leaving Japan. Additional transcripts cost \200 per copy plus postage.

(4) Online Academic Records
Online Academic Records are scheduled to be made available to KIP students after March 10, 2018. (Online academic records exclude personal information such as your name and student ID number to protect your privacy.) Access to the Online Academic Records requires password for “”. Please make sure to confirm your password WHILE YOU ARE IN JAPAN. If you forget your password, please come to Mita Campus. We CANNOT tell you your password by e-mail.

(5) Mailing Address for Transcripts
Students can register the mailing address they wish the Office of Student Services to send their transcripts to online. Online registration opens approximately one month prior to the end of the semester.


Various certificates can be issued at the Office of Student Services. Students must submit the “Request Form” with the appropriate amount of certificate stamps (shōshi), which can be purchased from a stamp vending machine located at the Office of Students Services on the B1F of the South School Building. Certificates will be issued within 3-5 business days.

You can obtain “Student Travel Fare Discount Certificate (Gakuwari)” from certificate issuing machines near the Student Lounge [the 1st floor of the South School Building]. You need to put 4-digit Student ID Card PIN (Secret Number for certificate issuing machine). Please log into the Academic Affairs Web System to check your PIN.


Please refer to the following URL to order Keio International Program transcript / certificates. 


Students must follow the rules when submitting your assignments in the REPORT BOX located at the Office of Student Services on the B1F, South School Building, Mita Campus.

- The Report Box will open during a specified two-day period. Assignments will be accepted between 8:45-16:45 over a two-day period. (The schedule for submission will also be posted on the bulletin board.) Please be aware that assignments will not be accepted outside these times.

- Once an assignment has been submitted, no changes, corrections, or returns will be permitted for any reason even if the deadline for submission was not yet passed.

- You will need to fill out the yellow form with your name, student ID number, course name, instructor’s name, and staple it to your assignment.


(1) Examination period
- Fall First-half Semester-end examinations: November 11 (Sat), November 21 (Tue)
- Fall Semester-end examinations:
         January 22 (Mon) to January 31 (Wed)  *except Hiyoshi campus
         January 22 (Mon) to February 3 (Sat)   *only Hiyoshi campus

*Details including the timetable for examinations, instructions on the items allowed in the exam room, and important notes will be announced on the International Center E-bulletin boards ( Any additions or changes will be announced as they are decided. Make sure to regularly check for new information and just before the examinations.

(2) Semester-End Examination Guidelines and Rules for Students
- Place your student ID card or temporary ID card on your desk at the upper right corner or on the side of the aisle. If you do not have your student ID card or a temporary ID card, you are not permitted to take the exams. If you have lost your student ID card, make sure that you have one reissued before the start of the exams. If you forget your student ID card on the exam day, go to the Office of Student Services and have a temporary ID card issued.

- Only permitted items may be placed on or in your desk. All other items must be kept in your bag placed at your feet.

- Even if the exam has no restrictions regarding prohibited items, all electronic devices including communication and storage devices that allow students to fraudulently obtain information related to the exam content are strictly prohibited. Devices include PCs, electronic dictionaries, mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. These communication devices must be switched off, including the alarm function, and stored in your bag. Furthermore, these devices may not be used to track time.

- On your answer sheets, write in full (do not use abbreviations) name of the faculty member in charge of the subject, subject name, your name, and your student ID number. Answer sheets without these details will not be graded.

- Bringing in and taking answer sheets out of the exam room is deemed a misconduct. You must submit your answer sheet, even if you have left it blank.

- Attendance sheets will be distributed after the start of the exam. Write your name and student ID number and pass it to the person behind you. If you have a temporary ID card, write “仮” or “temporary” in the field for student ID card.

- Lift your face up when the proctor comes around to check your photo on the ID card.

- If you arrive late (due to train delays, reissuing of student ID card, issuing of temporary ID card, etc.), but within twenty minutes after the start of the exam, you will be permitted to take the exam. However, you will not be given special consideration such as receiving extra time to complete the exam.

- If you arrive twenty minutes after the start of the exam, you will not be permitted under any circumstances (lateness due to train delays, reissuing of student ID card, issuing of temporary ID card, etc.) to enter the exam room.

- If a student has seen the exam questions, that student will not be permitted under any circumstances to take the makeup exam (e.g., arriving late due to train delays, leaving the exam room during the exam due to sickness).
*Check each faculty’s bulletin boards for information regarding makeup exams.

- If you are leaving the exam room thirty minutes after the exam has started, take all your belongings with you, including your bag, and submit your answer sheet at the prescribed exit or to a proctor.

- You may not leave the exam room during the last twenty minutes of the exam. As soon as the proctor signals the end of the exam, stop writing.

- After the end of the exam, the proctor will check whether the number of answer sheets corresponds to the number of examinees as indicated on the attendance sheets. Remain seated until the proctor announces that you can leave the room.

- Exam timetable, permitted items, etc., are subject to change. Make sure to regularly check the “For Keio Students” website.

- Exams start times and exam dates may change due to bad weather, etc. If the exams are rescheduled for unavoidable reasons, they will be administered at a later date.

(3) Other
Some courses will not conduct examinations during the semester-end examinations period. 


If you miss semester-end examinations offered at Mita Campus held during the examination period due to unavoidable reasons, you can apply for makeup examinations. The details will be announced on the International Center Bulletin Board.


Students will be strictly penalized for any acts of academic dishonesty on examinations or in their written work. Submitting a written assignment is like an examination or class test in that it is a way to determine a student’s academic ability. As such, any violation of the university’s rules for written assignments will result in a fail grade, and may have even further, more serious consequences.

Behaviors considered as misconduct are to as follows.
- Cheating   - Attending classes on behalf of somebody else  
- Taking answer sheets out of the exam room
- Failure to follow the instructions of the proctor

Avoid conduct that can be misconstrued as cheating when you are taking an exam.

Behavior considered as misconduct for writing papers/assignments.
- Writing assignments or taking an examinations on behalf of somebody else 
- Plagiarism(using someone else's idea without citing)  
- Falsifying or fabricating data
- Behavior similar to those mentioned above
Plagiarism in assignments or papers is a misconduct. When using someone’s opinions or sentences without permission, it will be considered as plagiarism and students will be punished for misconduct in the same or more severe manner than for semester-end exam or in-class test or more.

When writing essays and reports take particular note of the following:
1. Be clear about which ideas are your own and which are not.
2. Reference other people’s ideas.
3. Quote sources accurately (include errors in the original text).
4. Follow the rules for referencing.
5. Include the URL and the date you accessed internet pages.

We would like to remind students that failing to adhere to these guidelines will be regarded as plagiarism and will be dealt with in the same way as cheating on an examination. We ask that you spend some time learning how to reference correctly by using sources such as referencing and citation guides.


Students may use the grade query system if they have a solid reason and would like to make an inquiry about the grading of a course they studied. Students must use Grade Inquiry System to query your grade. Do NOT contact the instructors directly. Students must not ask about the grade of the course you have taken directly to the teaching staff. This act will be considered as a misconduct.
For the details, please refer to the following URL.


- Academic Affairs Web System


Decisions concerning the canceling of classes in the event a Tokai Earthquake Warning is issued by the Japanese government or the Meteorological Agency, public transportation stoppages due to a natural disaster or large-scale accident, or any other emergencies are handled as described below.

(1) In the event of a Tokai Earthquake Warning
If a major earthquake is predicted for the Tokyo Metropolitan area and Tokai region, and the Japanese government or Meteorological Agency issues a Tokai Earthquake Warning, the university will close immediately. If an earthquake does not occur and the warning is lifted, information concerning the university will be communicated through the Keio websites.

(2) In the event of public transportation stoppages and other emergencies
In the event of a natural disaster such as a typhoon, heavy rain, heavy snow, or earthquake, public transportation stoppages resulting from a major accident or other cause, and other emergencies in which it is necessary to cancel classes, notification will be posted on the website below at 21:00 on the previous day. Please be aware that each campus may respond differently.

Other notes
In the event that an emergency occurs after classes have begun for the day, the university will deal with the situation by canceling classes or sending students home early. Please follow the instructions given by the university through notices, via emergency broadcast, and the website below.
For Keio students website


On game days, classes will only be held for the first period. The second period and onward will be canceled to allow students to support the Keio Team. This will also apply for third-round matches and beyond. Classes will be held as normal if the game is suspended due to rain, etc.

The handling of suspended classes on the day of a Keio-Waseda baseball game will be posted on the website at 9:00a.m. on the day of the game.

The results of the games can be checked on the “Tokyo Rokudaigaku Renmei” official website.


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