Interaction with Keio students

Keio Tomodachi Program (Buddy)

Why join the buddy program?


  • Learn about Japanese culture
  • Make friends & build a network
  • Learn tips & secrets about Tokyo & the Keio
  • You get to practice Japanese

How it works?

  • Buddies are students at Keio University who volunteer to introduce you to the Japanese way of life. As a participant in the Keio Tomodachi Program, you will be part of a buddy group that consists of approximately 2-3 buddies and 3-4 international students.
  • You will have a kick-off meeting at the beginning of the semester (September 13 for 2019 Fall Semester). After the meeting, you and the other students decide what you would like to do within the framework of the Keio Tomodachi Program. It is everyone’s responsibility to make it a success!

How to apply?

The application is really easy.

Just fill out the following form: Application for 2019 Fall Semester Program Application for 2019 Fall semester has been closed.

The Global Lounge and the Communication Lounge 

The lounge is designed to be a welcoming and open space for all students, particularly for international students and Keio students interested in getting to know each other.
The Global Lounge is located at Mita campus and the Hiyoshi Communication Lounge is located at Hiyoshi campus.

Lunch @ Global Lounge


Meet with Keio/international students over lunch!

"Lunch @ Global Lounge" is held every day during lunch at the global lounge, Mita campus.  
Don't miss this opportunity to practice Japanese you've learned and/or meet other students.










Various Events Organized by International Center Student Staff (KOSMIC)

Welcome Party

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Watching Waseda-Keio Baseball Match








Japanese Speech Contest for International Students

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