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What is CEMS ?

CEMS, the Global Alliance in Management Education, is a strategic alliance of the world’s top-level business schools and universities, and multinational corporate partners.

CEMS offers a Masters degree in international management (CEMS MIM). This is a double-degree programme in which you will be granted both a CEMS MIM and a Masters degree offered by the CEMS partner school you would be enrolled. CEMS has grown since its foundation in 1988, and its International Management Programme is now recognized as one of the world's top level programmes, which is indicated by the Financial Times rankings.

CEMS partner schools are highly competitive universities which were selected on the basis of a “one country one school” policy. Keio University is the only CEMS partner school in Japan.

At Keio, the Graduate School of Economics, the Graduate School of Media Design, and the Graduate School of Business and Commerce offer this double-degree programme (CEMS MIM and a Masters degree offered by one of the graduate schools). To apply for the double degree programme, you must be enrolled in one of these graduate schools. For more information about these graduate schools and their application procedures, visit the sites below:

The Graduate School of Economics:
The Graduate School of Business and Commerce
The Graduate School of
Media Design:

For information about CEMS MIM Programme at Keio, click “For Keio Students

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