Keio University


Many CEMS graduates work internationally. CEMS graduates are highly recognized by corporations and have won the trust of their employers. Consequently, many international corporations have actively recruited CEMS students and graduates. Thus, one of the greatest benefits of being in the CEMS MIM Programme is that you will be immersed into the web of networks of real international business corporations.

CEMS students have various opportunities during the MIM Programme to meet with CEMS Corporate Partners (CPs). The CEMS Career Forum is an annual event held in November that provides such opportunities. Many CPs participate in the forum, providing company information and interviewing CEMS students. 

The CEMS Career Services provides a place for CEMS students (and graduates) and CPs to communicate with each other for recruitment purposes. In this password-protected website, CPs are able to post job offerings so CEMS students and graduates can see what opportunities are available. CEMS students and graduates can post their CVs on the website, so CPs can see if there are any good candidates for the positions. 

In addition, within the curriculum, international
internships and Business Projects also offer great opportunities for CEMS students to learn about CPs and other international corporations.