International Center Courses

The curriculum of the International Center Courses focuses on Japan and East/Southeast Asia as a central theme. The courses are mainly for international students from overseas and are conducted in English. As Full-time students can also take these courses, they can provide students with opportunities for international exchange through study.

Oepn to
- Short-Term International Students (including Keio International Program students)
- Japanese Language Program (JLP) students
- Full-time undergraduate (except freshmen)/graduate students (However, they cannot register for “Case Analysis on Management and Strategy of Japanese Corporations” by Prof. Mitsuhashi.)
* Some courses are only open to graduate-level students. 

Most of the courses are offered at Mita Campus. Some courses are offered at Hiyoshi, or Yagami Campus. 

- The courses offerd at Hiyoshi Campus.
      "JAPAN'S DIPLOMACY" by Prof. Taniguchi

The course offerd at Yagami Campus.

2 credits per course
*Whether these credits can be counted towards your degree depends on the faculty or graduate school in which you are enrolled.
Course Registration
Students should register for International Center Courses according to the registration procedure of their affiliated faculty or graduate school. Full-time undergraduate and graduate students DO NOT need to come to the Office of Student Services (International Exchange Services Group) to register. 
Bulletin Board
Notices of class cancellations and makeup classes will be posted on the Academic Affairs Web System ( At Mita Campus, they will also be posted on the Information Display located in each classroom building.
Important information regarding the International Center Courses (time changes, classroom changes, exams, exam location, etc.) will be posted on the International Center’s bulletin boards at the West School Building on Mita Campus and on the International Center website. Students are responsible for checking the bulletin boards regularly.

2016 Academic Year (April 2016-March 2017)

*Full-time undergraduate/graduate students cannot register for Independent Study, PCP, GPP, and “Case Analysis on Management and Strategy of Japanese Corporations” by Prof. Mitsuhashi. These courses are offered to Japanese Language Program students and Short-term International Students (including Keio International Program students, excluding Law School Students) only.

Course List and Description

Previous Years

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