International Center Grade Inquiry (2018 Fall First-Half-Semester)

Updated: December 3, 2018

Instructions for grade inquiries
At the International Center, grade inquiries must be made in accordance with the instructions that follow. These instructions are only for Keio International Program students.
Grade inquiries are for assignments or examinations that have already been submitted. When the students make inquiries, they must give it clear and detailed grounds. We will NOT accept any queries from students who wish to be re-examined, or reviewed or who wish to submit supplementary work for marking. Students must use this grade inquiry system to query your grade. Do NOT contact the instructors directly.

*Please note that a student making an inquiry may not be able to receive any answer from the instructor. 

Friday, December 7 to Tuesday, December 11  4:45pm (Japan Standard Time)
*We will not accept any applications made before and/or after the period.
Office of Student Services (International Exchange Services Group)
Only students who are overseas are allowed to submit their form by email. 
Flow of grade inquiry:
1. Fill out the form and submit it by the deadline.

2. Your inquiry will be checked by the Office of Student Services and forwarded to the instructor providing that it meets the above requirements. Your instructor will make all reasonable efforts to respond to your inquiry. Once we have received a response, we will forward it to you.
When filling out your form:
- Please explain your reasons for querying your grade politely and logically. Inquiries made with unnecessary information and using emotive phrases will not be accepted. 
- For the instructor to reassess your grade, please provide detailed information on the number of classes you attended, the number of assignments you submitted, your attendance at examinations, your performance in assignments and exams, why you think you deserve upper grades etc.
- Your application will not be accepted if you fail to follow the above instructions.

If you have any questions, please contact